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7 Benefits of Pre-Coated Timber

Pre-coated timber for external cladding and decking have gained popularity in recent years. It’s not only the time saved on building sites that have seen this surge but the reduction in ongoing maintenance and a longer-lasting timber finish. So, when it comes to your external cladding and decking timbers, why use a factory pre-coated timber? This is why.

Fends Off Moisture

Pre-coating timber stops the moisture from penetrating the surface of the timber. This means your cladding and decking projects are not delayed by rain and, because it is an all-round coating, it helps to fend off moisture from the underside of the deck or inside wall cavities. The moisture can absorb into the timber causing cupping and expansion however, pre-coating helps to minimise this issue.

Stabilises the Timber

Pre-coating your timber will increase dimensional stability, meaning that is it less likely to warp, twist and expand once installed. It also helps to prevent decay and rot by reducing the moisture content of the timber. These obvious benefits play a major role in the long-term lifespan of your timber decking and cladding, providing you with a product that will last a lifetime.

Cost-effective Finish

Oiling a deck with complete coverage once the boards are installed is extremely difficult, and pre-coating on site can take time, precious resources and is dependent on weather. That’s why a factory pre-coated timber is not only an efficient way to coat timbers but also a cost-effective way. Pre-coated timbers arrive on site, protected from the elements and ready for installation, saving you time on site and reducing labour.

Faster Way to Coat Timber

There is no doubt about it. Pre-coating timber with a machine is a quicker than by hand. The pre-coating machine is set up to effectively coat up 1,000 meters an hour. The timber is fed through the machine, the oil is applied and then dispersed evenly across the boards. From there the timber is wet stacked and left to dry for 20 minutes. Quick, simple and efficient.

Easier to work with on site

The protection provided from the pre-coating isn’t just useful for wet days, it offers a barrier for on site dirt. Any dirt and grim from installation can be easily clean off in preparation for the top coat. Instead of a time consuming effort, it’s a simple clean.

Minimises tannin leaching

Some cladding and decking timbers leach tannin. This leaching causes discolouration in the timber and stains to nearby materials. However, pre-coating locks in the tannin so you don’t need to wash the boards before installing. This minimises any leaching, saves time in preparing for top coats and avoid messy clean ups.

No restrictions for top coat applications

The pre-coating does not restrict the top coat you decide on using. You can use a water-based system, an oil-based finish or staining to alter the colour to suit your needs. And because it is pre-coated with a machine, you will not have any of the blemishes that appear when you hand coat it.

Although, pre-coated timber comes with a layer of protection, it is important that top coats are applied after installation. This will keep your cladding and decking looking new for the long term.

Pre-coating timber is the ideal choice when installing cladding to external walls or building a deck. The protection that you get outweighs any upfront costs and provides long term benefits for your home.

“The protection that you get outweighs any upfront costs and provides long term benefits for your home.”

If you are interested in pre-coated timber for your cladding or decking boards, speak to our friendly staff in-store or find out more informationonline today.

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