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Case Study: American Oak Parquetry Flooring

From poor ventilation issues to a long-lasting flooring solution.

Bowens was engaged to supply and install American Oak timber flooring for a client in Prahran, an inner-city suburb of Melbourne. Our primary objective was to demonstrate the comprehensive service offered by our account managers, our timber specialist and the team at our CIRCA showroom in Port Melbourne. Additionally, we aimed to focus on common challenges encountered by builders on construction sites and highlight how Bowens consistently delivers effective solutions.

The Issue: Inadequate Subfloor Ventilation

Our team faced a common issue in construction—a subfloor that lacked adequate ventilation. This situation had the potential to lead to moisture build-up under the flooring, which could compromise the integrity of the floor installation.

The Solution: Subfloor Vent Installation

To address this challenge effectively, Bowens recommended the installation of Bradford™ EcoFan Sub Floor Ventilators. These vents would ensure proper airflow beneath the flooring, preventing the risk of moisture-related problems. Our solution not only resolved the immediate issue but will also contribute to the long-term durability and stability of the hardwood floor.

The Timber Flooring Installation Process

With the subfloor ventilation concerns resolved, the builders proceeded with the timber flooring installation.

Timber Selection

For this project, the client worked with our CIRCA Showroom, alongside Bowens to select 400x80x18mm American Oak Solid Parquetry Flooring. American Oak timber flooring offers a timeless and elegant finish with exceptional strength and durability, perfect for high-traffic areas within the home. These 80x18mm timbers were cut to size and installed in a block pattern to create this classic look.

Our CIRCA Showroom offers a wide range of timber species that can be pre-cut to suit block parquetry, like this client, herringbone or double herringbone designs, including traditional strip flooring. They are also available in both solid timber and engineered timber boards.

Flooring Preparation

The process began with the laying of YELLOW Tongue® 19mm Particle Board Flooring. The particle board was sanded to create a level surface and ensure a flawless end product.

Adhesive Selection

To secure the parquetry flooring, we opted for Bostik Ultraset® SF Timber Flooring Adhesive. This adhesive is perfect for hardwood block parquetry. Not only is it used to create a strong bond, it remains flexible, allowing for natural timber movement.

Adhesive Application

Our installers used a Bostik Ultraset® Flat ‘V’ Notch Trowel with full trowel gluing. This method ensures excellent adhesion and a stable, reliable installation. This trowel is made from carbon steel for durability and a long lifespan.

Final Finish

Once the installation was complete, the builder returned to pre-sand the floor in preparation for cabinetry installation. After cabinetry was installed, the floor underwent final sanding and polishing to achieve the desired finish. In this case, the clients opted for no stain colour and a Matt sheen to complement their interior styling.

Shot of finished American Oak Flooring laid in parquetry pattern in home.

80x19mm American Oak Parquetry in Prahran home.

Product and Tool List

The Result: A Lasting Parquetry Floor

The installation of this American Oak Solid Flooring allowed for a complete transformation of the client’s space. This case study showcased Bowens selection of products, attention to detail and ability to identify and resolve onsite issues effectively. Our commitment to delivering flooring solutions, the expertise of our account managers and the guidance of our timber specialist, sets us apart in the industry. Whether you’re planning a parquetry flooring install or any other timber-related project, trust Bowens to deliver a high-quality result.

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