COVID-19 Updates
Fiona Nield

City of Latrobe Enters Lockdown

Yesterday evening the City of Latrobe entered a seven-day lockdown commencing 11:59pm Tuesday 28 September. Similar restrictions that apply to Greater Melbourne will now apply to the City of Latrobe, excluding the curfew.

City of Latrobe

Under lockdown restrictions, residents will only be able to leave home for the five reasons below:

  • authorised work or permitted education;
  • necessary goods and services;
  • caregiving or compassionate reasons (including medical care and getting a COVID-19 test);
  • exercise and outdoor social interaction in limited groups; and
  • getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

Can building works continue?

No. During the lockdown, all construction projects must close with the limited exemption for workers to attend building sites to secure the site or to respond to emergency or urgent and essential work to protect health and safety.


Offices must remain closed during the seven-day lockdown. If you can work from home you must work from home, meaning offices will be once again restricted. Employers are obligated to implement this.

Can display homes remain open during the lockdown?

No, display homes are not considered to be essential retail and therefore must close during the lockdown in the City of Latrobe.

Making building sites safe and secure

Builders have a responsibility to ensure that building sites are safe and secure for all – including members of the public. 

HIA has prepared a detailed list of questions and answers for our members about making sites safe and secure after the construction industry in Metropolitan Melbourne was shut down early last week. As similar restrictions to the industry apply, members may wish to access the frequently asked questions list to help understand what building activities can be undertaken to keep sites safe and secure during the 7-day lockdown.

HIA will continue to keep members informed as more information becomes available.

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