Preparing for the Colder Months

Tarpaulins have long been a friend to builders no matter the construction project, from a quick touch up to major renovations and new builds. Tarps, as they’re commonly called, are versatile and can be used throughout all seasons. 

As we encroach further into Autumn and begin to prepare for the colder cl ahead, we are reminded just how important tarps can be. With constant weather changes, and unpredictable rain patterns, builder’s tarp enquiries are expected to skyrocket this year.

As such, we want to remind all Bowens’ customers to plan ahead and ensure you’re covered no matter the weather. When working with valuable, costly assets such as a home, it’s important to be proactive, not reactive.

“When working with valuable, costly assets such as a home, it’s important to be proactive, not reactive.”

It’s for this reason Bowens stocks heavy duty PVC tarpaulins ready for hire to ensure you’re covered when the weather is unpredictable.

So, Why Use a Tarp on Site?

Bowens tarpaulins are made specifically for building and construction sites. They prove invaluable when dealing with storm damage from hail or fallen tree branches. Keep in mind it shouldn’t take a major weather event or emergency to trigger the need to hire a tarpaulin – being prepared is key.

Rain, wind, and sun damage can wreak havoc when renovating or extending an existing residence or building a new one. Tarps help protect the home and your hard work.

Protect Your Materials and Tools

Not only do tarps protect your build, they’re also helpful when it comes to protecting stock, inventory, machinery and tools on site from potential water and weather damage. Whether it’s your plywood sheets, LVL, plasterboards or expensive tools, moisture and dampness can distort your expensive materials rendering them useless or lead to mold, mildew and even corrosion.

Furthermore, dust from sanding and cutting can get into every corner of a building site making clean up even more tedious than it needs to be. Tarps are a preventative measure you can take to avoid dust and dirt getting into stains and paints, throughout your materials and into nooks and crannies of the project that are near impossible to reach.

Maintaining Tarps

While heavy duty tarps are a great asset to the builder for all the above reasons, they’re not always practical to carry around on a day to day basis as they can be quite heavy. That’s why you also need access to the right equipment to maintain heavy duty tarps should they get a hole or tear in them. And most importantly, you really need to get the right sized tarp for the job. That’s why hiring tarps is such a great option.

Hiring Tarps at Bowens

At Bowens we stock only the best heavy-duty PVC tarpaulins for watertight protection. Bowens tarps are flexible, UV resistant and come in 4 sizes to meet your site needs. Bowens has several stores throughout Melbourne offering tarpaulin rental services. Sizes for hire include 6 x 8m, 8 x 8m and 10 x 8m– so you get the right fit for every build.

Our friendly hire consultants would be happy to answer any questions you may have about tarpaulins and how they can benefit you and your next project, so contact us today.

For tarp rentals visit us at one of the following Bowens Stores:

Port Melbourne: 128 Salmon Street
Mt Evelyn: 26 York Road
Croydon: 352 Dorset Road
Rowville: 963 Stud Road
Taylors Lakes:  45 Melton Hwy
Hallam: 48-52 Hallam South Road
Hastings; 1820 Frankston-Flinders Rd
Bentleigh East; 717 Warrigal Road
Phillip Island; 83-85 Settlement Road
Brunswick; 400 Victoria Street
Pakenham; 1140 Koo Wee Rup Road

Note: Damage to tarps due to deliberate nail holes or tears will be recharged to the client.

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