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Hire or Purchase an Aim Quick Build Container

Are you sick of packing up your tools every night after working all day on site (only to risk them being stolen from the back of your ute when you get home) and then unloading them all again the next morning? Or, as a supervisor, are you sick of having to clock off early for your guys to spend half an hour sorting through whose tools and equipment belongs to who?

Shane Moore, Managing Director at Trade Risk, a trade insurance specialist, offers some tips about how to prevent falling victim to tool theft (
The preventative measures he suggests are simple, common sense tips:

  • Keep your tools out of sight
  • Lock them up securely
  • Identify your equipment & tools (Victoria Police recommend engraving them with your license number in case they are found – you can be easily identified)
  • Keep them properly insured

A lot of tool theft occurs on an opportunity basis – thieves love a quick score. Bowens’ Hire has the perfect solution for keeping your tools out of sight and locked away securely on site. We call it the Aim Quick Build Container – and its available for both hire and/or sale via your Bowens representative. Theives take advantage of flimsy hinges and weak padlocks. The Aim Quick Build Container however, is made from 20 gauge galvanised steel, and comes with an anti-theft locking bar making it strong, sturdy and theft proof.  Unlike shipping containers they are also demountable and portable making this storage solution convenient for all work sites. The Quick Build containers come in sizes 1x2m, 2x2m, 3x2m and 4x2m.

Bowens can deliver the Aim Quick Build Containers fully assembled via crane truck or flat packed. They can then be carried panel by panel to the area required, whether that be the back of a tight site, or into the frame of a build. When your build is finished, the container can be carried out in just the same way. The containers are fitted with crane lifting lugs and forklift skids to ensure easy movement whilst assembled, if required.
All containers are completely weather-proof and come with strandwood flooring which sits above the ground on steel forklift skids and is treated for bugs and insects.
Previous Bowens’ customers have used these containers successfully on site to store tools, tiles, appliances and amenities securely. The ability to lock all tools up on site rather than loading them back into a ute can make the daily set up and pack up of site tools and building materials more efficient and convenient. Having the container inside the frame of a build also means it is less visible and less accessible to prying eyes and potential thieves.
Unlike the typical flimsy, tin sheds available at your average hardware store, Bowens Hardware stock European-made steel containers. This means they are less prone to rust and, if you choose to purchase, will be with you in good condition for a very long time.

Not only does Bowens believe the Aim Quick Build containers are perfect for trades on site, they are also a great option for any handy man as a typical – but far stronger – garden shed, furniture storage solution (for any renovations) and tool shed. The containers do not require a concrete slab and are demountable, meaning they should not be an issue with easements or councils.

Aim Quick Build Containers are available to purchase or hire, with attractive medium and long-term hire pricing available.
The containers come as standard in Galvanised steel. However, if purchasing, Bowens can arrange coloured powder coating to match your brand, house or garden and make the container look even better.

For more information visit our builder site hire page here.

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