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Lockdown Ends for Regional Victoria

On Wednesday the 8th of September, the Victorian Government announced that the lockdown of regional Victoria will be lifted from 11:59pm, Thursday 9 September 2021.

Shepparton will however remain in lockdown.

Despite the lifting of the lockdown across regional Victoria the current restrictions that apply to the residential building industry will remain in place. This means that building activities that have been prohibited during the lockdown will continue to be prohibited and limits on the number of workers permitted on site at any one time and movement between sites continue to apply.

HIA is seeking further guidance on whether some parts of the industry can reopen – such as display homes and colour selection centres and will provide further information as soon as it becomes available.

What restrictions have ended in Regional Victoria?

  • The 5 reasons to leave home will no longer apply.
  • Residents in regional Victoria will no longer be required to remain within 5km of their home.

What restrictions remain in place?

  • Face masks remain mandatory in all indoors settings, including on a building site and at the office (unless an exception applies) and when outdoors (unless an exception applies).
  • Visitors are not allowed to attend other people’s homes.
  • Compliance with contact tracing requirements via the Service Victoria app and QR Code.
  • Social distancing at all times.

Can building sites remain open in regional Victoria?

Yes, building sites can continue to remain open subject to the following COVID-19 restrictions: 

  • Limits on the number of workers that can attend a site at any one time to:
    • 5 workers plus a supervisor on small-scale construction sites; and
    • 25 per cent of workers on large-scale construction sites.
    • Restrictions on the number of sites a specialist trade can visit – 3 sites per week.
  • wearing a facemask at all times (unless an exception applies); 
  • using contact tracing records – such as QR codes;
  • complying with cleaning requirements on site; and 
  • maintaining social distancing as outlined in the HIA’s Making Space on Site Guidelines. 

If there are any further changes to this we will notify you.

Can internal renovations and maintenance work resume on occupied homes?


Internal renovations and maintenance work continues to remain restricted.


Workers can return to offices in regional Victoria subject to the limit of 25 per cent of your workforce or 10 workers, however workers are required to work from home unless there is a clear need to be in the office. 

Face masks must be worn indoors unless an exception applies.

Travelling for work

I live in Melbourne.  Can I travel to regional Victoria for work purposes?

Melburnians will be permitted to travel to regional Victoria for work purposes if they are on the authorised worker and authorised provider list.

This means that workers that carry out work on building sites or at residential premises will be permitted to travel to carry out these works. While in regional Victoria the worker must continue to comply with the restrictions that apply in Melbourne. 

If you are not an authorised worker or on the authorised provider list and reside in Melbourne you will not be able to travel to regional Victoria.  

Travel restrictions between Melbourne and regional Victoria will be enforced to deter people from entering without a lawful permitted reason.

I live in regional Victoria. Can I travel to Melbourne for work purposes?

Yes, however, you will be required to comply with all restrictions that apply to residents in Melbourne.

We will continue to keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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