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Breathable Wall Wrap

Protecting your home with wall wrap is not a new concept, however the National Construction Code (NCC) has updated the requirements to build lightweight or brick veneer homes with a vapour permeable wall wrap. This means the traditional reflective wall wrap is no longer considered an effective form of protection for your home.

“The traditional reflective wall wrap is no longer considered an effective form of protection for your home.”

Why? Because these wraps allow vapour to become trapped behind the wrap. That’s why the experts at CSR Bradford™ have provided a solution – the Enviroseal™ ProctorWrap™ residential wrap. It complies with the new NCC requirements, making it easy for you to ensure your home is protected as well as meets industry standards. So, what are the benefits of this product?

Reduces the Risk of Condensation

This product forms a condensation barrier reducing the risk of moisture related issues that can compromise the structural integrity of the building. This also provides long-term benefits to the occupants during the life of the building, preventing dangerous mildew, mould and rot.

“These vapor permeable membranes allow the breathing of the building to occur,” explains Joe Timi from CSR Bradford™. This way the timber can dry out a lot quicker as it releases the moisture build-up into the environment and away from the building.

Additional Protection During & After Construction

The Enviroseal™ ProctorWrap™ residential wrap helps protects the frame from the elements prior to the application of external cladding. This allows trades to continue to work without the risk of dust or rain, improving efficiency and productivity on site.

Plus, this durable membrane will prevent the entry of water and dust from the outside after construction, to ensure that your home is protected all year-round, giving you peace of mind.

Increased Versatility

This wall wrap is suitable for use on all types of lightweight cladding including Brick Veneer, Hebel®, all types of James Hardie™claddings, Cemintel®,Weathertex, FC Sheet, Foam, Timber and Metal Sheet cladding. “The Enviroseal™ can be used for all claddings of today’s market,” explains Timi. “The requirement is, though, that you install it with an air cavity. So, most of these claddings today are all starting to utilise batten, clip systems that space the cladding off the frame or off the Enviroseal™,” he adds.

The ability to use the Enviroseal™ ProctorWrap™ residential wrap with all cladding systems makes it a versatile and universally sort after product.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Not only does the vapour permeable wrap help prevent the risk of damage to the home through condensation, but it also improves the energy efficiency of the home. This is because wrapping your home reduces the airflow around insulation making it work more effectively.

In addition, the wrap prevents hot and colds draughts from entering the home to keep it warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Meets NCC Requirements

The Enviroseal™ ProctorWrap™ residential wrap, when used behind brick veneer and lightweight cladded walls, is consistent in providing an NCC 2019 compliant wrap for the home.

“The legislation has changed because of the knowledge that’s come about from building physics,” says Timi.

“We’ve understood that buildings now, with all the insulation that’s going in there, with six star and potentially moving forward to seven star, require vapour permeable membranes to allow vapour to escape rather than getting trapped behind the silver foils.”

It is the trapping of vapour without being able to escape that causes mildew, mould and rot within the home which becomes a potential hazard to the occupants and can often come at a hefty price tag to repair. “With the new regulations in place, it is important that you select a permeable wall wrap when building a new home, extending an existing or upgrading your homes cladded façade.”

For a highly effective seal for your Bradford™ Enviroseal™ ProctorWrap™ residential wrap, team it with the Bradford™ Enviroseal™ HighTack tape for the ultimate protection against condensation and damage. For more information about the Enviroseal™ wraps, speak to one of our representatives in-store at Bowens today.

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