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Trade movement rules on small-scale residential sites

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Premier makes clarifications on some restrictions for building and construction

Thursday 6th August 2020

Today the Premier announced some clarifications to the restrictions that come into effect for our industry at 11:59pm Friday 7 August. We encouraged all Bowens customers to read these guidelines and begin preparations for their implementation immediately.  While many questions remain, this provides answers to some of the more important questions, as listed below:

  • Movement among sites on small-scale residential sites: supervisors can move among sites and specialist trades can move among up to three sites per week, with no more than one site per day. This is subject to enhanced COVIDSafe practices.
  • Small-scale residential sites will need to reduce the number of workers on-site to five workers plus a supervisor at any one time.
  • During Stage 4 restrictions, large, commercial construction projects are allowed to have a maximum of 25 per cent of their workforce on site. All personnel count towards the 25 per cent with the exception of staff specifically dedicated to oversight of COVIDSafe functions in the workplace. Baseline workforce is the average daily number of personnel on site across the project life cycle, as derived from the project’s written resourcing plan as of July 2020. The resourcing plan and calculation are subject to audit.

The definition of large-scale construction is as follows:

  • More than three storeys (excluding basement), or
  • Larger than 1,500m2 or
  • Any office or retail fit-out, or
  • Industrial, large format or retail use

We have sought clarification over whether the 25 per cent calculation will be subject to a minimum floor of five workers plus a supervisor

We have also sought urgent clarification from the government on the process for seeking exemptions for critical infrastructure and services. Further updates will follow on this and other outstanding items as soon as information becomes available.

Manufacturing of building and construction material will be allowed to continue.

Please read the full updated construction sector guidance on the Business Victoria website. Many of your specific questions will be answered within. We will continue to work on those areas where clarity is still needed and update you via bulletins and social media.

We also attach links to the following useful documents, which supplement the information provided in recent days:

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