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Update to DHHS Workplace Directions
Late yesterday, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) updated the Directions from the Public Health Commander in accordance with the emergency powers arising from Victoria’s declared state of emergency.

Some of the updates to Version 4 of the Workplace (Additional Industry Obligations) Directions relate directly to our industry and address extra questions we have asked the government on behalf of members.

Although our team has had very limited time to review the update, some of the headline changes include:
• An expansion of specialist contractors (definition at section 8 (41): page 19-22) that can move between multiples sites, including bricklayers, roof tilers and other essential trades for building.
• Expanded definition of early-stage land development at 7 (30) to (42)
• Clarification of floor size area at 7 (43) (b)
• Clarification that those undertaking statutory obligations are not restricted in movements at 7 (36) (e) (iv)
Our team is working to review the directions in more detail. However, members should consider carefully what categories their workforce falls into and plan accordingly for the remainder of stage 4.

Master Builders Victoria will continue to update our FAQs and provide guidance to members through these bulletins as information becomes available.

We continue to remain deeply concerned by the impact that these restrictions will have on our members and our industry more widely. We are equally resolved to do all that we can to meet the requirements of these restrictions, to ensure that our state continues to get on top of the COVID-19 virus and allow everyone to return to normal operations. We ask that members continue to do the same.

Please click here to access the updated directions on the DHHS website.

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