Key Factors to Consider

Its Springtime which marks the start of decking season within the building industry. The number of decking options has never been greater. Due to its low maintenance benefits, durability and wide range of colours and textures, composite decking is fast becoming the number one choice.

Here are the four main reasons why homeowners are choosing to use composite decking for their next project.

Low Maintenance

One of the major benefits of choosing composite decking is that you will spend limited time on maintenance and more time enjoying your outdoor living space.

Many homeowners find that the natural look and feel of solid timber decking is unmatched, however, the ongoing maintenance in reapplying oil every 6 to 12 months to maintain its beauty can be time-consuming and costly.

Once installed, composite decking will generally maintain its look and feel for years to come. The only real maintenance needed will be a quick clean from month to month which can be achieved with a quick wash from your garden hose.

Colour and Design Aesthetics

The introduction of new composite decking brands into the Australian market over recent years has increased the amount of choice people have when selecting colour and texture for decking.

Depending on the overall design aesthetics and your personal preference, composite decking products offer a wide array of colour choices, ranging from lighter shades and natural colours to darker tones. They also come in different textures from woodgrain embossing to sanded and smooth surfaces that will compliment other building products and help achieve a great look.

Additionally, most composite decking products are designed to be installed with a concealed fixing system which provides a sleek, modern appearance.

Time & Installation Cost

Composite decking boards are typically faster and easier to install when compared to timber decking due to several factors.

The manufacturing process for composite materials allows for decking boards to be supplied in set long lengths. This typically leads to less cutting on site which speeds up the installation process.

Another benefit of composite decking is that they are more resistant to moisture and are therefore much less likely to distort or bow prior to installation. This eliminates the need to correct bends in decking lengths prior to installation.

Hidden or concealed fixing systems also help speed up installation time versus the traditional top fix screw method as it eliminates the need to pre-drill the decking boards.


Most composite decking products are manufactured using a combination of recycled plastic and sustainably sourced timber fibre, making it a good environmental choice.

Composite Decking Variations

Composite Decking comes in a wide range of colours and styles and are typically classified into two main categories;

Uncapped Composite Decking Products

Uncapped composite decking products have been available in Australia for over a decade and are typically regarded as first-generation technology.

These products typically sit at the lower end of the price scale offering great value; however, they are generally less resistant to fading and surface scratching. They will often be more susceptible to thermal expansion which may need to be considered in the design or layout of the deck area.

The uncapped decking brands stocked by Bowens are Modwood Natural Grain Collection & Perma Composite Decking. 

Capped Composite Decking Products

Capped composite decking products are generally more expensive and are regarded as second-generation technology.

These types of composite decking products have a tough outer layer surrounding the inner core material. As a result, capped composite decking products are often more resistant to general wear and tear. They are also usually supported by longer warranty terms and are generally scratch and fade resistant.

Another benefit is that these products are usually more stable and less effected by thermal expansion.

The capped decking brands stocked by Bowens are Modwood Xtreme Guard, Trex Decking & Tractio Decking. 

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