Permit to Work

  • 1.1 Company Details

  • 1.2 Trade Contractors

  • 1.3 Description of work to be undertaken

    • The whole of the remaining detail of this permit must be signed by the authorised person(s) before work is to proceed and only work listed may be done. List of Control Measures (non - applicable measures should be ruled out)
    • Please Note: All relevant JSA’s, SOP’s, Risk Assessments and SWMS must be completed and a copy given to your Bowens contact prior to commencing any work.
  • 1.4 License Details

  • 1.5 Isolation of Equipment

  • 1.6 Personal Protective Equipment

    Note: If hot work, work at a height or work in a confined space is to be conducted the appropriate work permit must be completed.
  • 1.7 Sign In / Sign Out

    This must indicate the time work will commence and the expected completion time. Complete using 24 hour time.
  • 1.8 Work Completed / Suspended

    All persons/equipment have been withdrawn, the work has been completed and plant/machinery is/is not fit for use.
    • Note: non-applicable measures must be ruled out.