Builders’ Power Poles

Your site depends on power to keep your tools and equipment running at all times. Aim Hire together with their sub-contractors have the expertise to install safely overhead, underground, single or three-phase power poles.

Bowens Hire (or their subcontractor) will safely install a 40amp single phase domestic power pole (suitable for 1 house); an 80amp single phase commercial power pole (suitable for 2 or more dwellings) or a 3 Phase Builders Temporary Supply (BTS) pole (suitable for commercial buildings) to your site for overhead connection or for underground connection to a pit (if already installed). All of our installations are inspected and tested by an independent Electrical Inspector and supplied with a Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES). We will supply the CES together with an Electrical Works Request (EWR) for you to apply to your chosen retailer for connection.

Generators are also available for hire as a temporary solution.

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