30 Day Trade Account

You can benefit from a Bowens Trade Account

Bowens offer approved applicants the opportunity to purchase goods on a 30 day, interest free, trading account. When a 30 day trading account is approved, goods can be purchased at all Bowens stores and at the end of the month a statement of all purchases made during that month is sent to the account holder.

Experience Building with Bowens from start to finish!

  • Get trade discounts on many Bowens purchases
  • Participating in exclusive offers and competitions
  • Make it easy with E-Statements
  • Monthly Builders Bulletin emailed and mailed to your door
Bowens Timber The Builders Choice

Register to become an Account Customer

  • Step 1: Download and complete the “Commercial Credit Application and Supply Agreement” application form.
  • Step 2: Present it at any Bowens store. A Bowens staff member will register your details.

Download Application FormFind Your Nearest Store

Additional information & support

Email to accounts@bowens.com.au, and a customer representative will be in touch.

Bowens Timber The Builders Choice

Bowens Trade Account FAQ’s

Login or Register Your Account

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Additional Information & support

Email accounts@bowens.com.au, and a customer representative will be in touch.