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A Cutting-Edge Product

When we discuss façade cladding, we firstly consider the street appeal of a home. However, the right cladding for your home is not always about first impressions, it often comes down to the performance of the product too. Gone are the days of basic brick facades or simple timber weatherboards.

There are a wide range of innovative products that offer, not only an aesthetically pleasing façade but a multitude of time and cost saving benefits. Cera Façade is one of those products. It is a cutting-edge, maintenance-free cladding finished with a ceramic-coating. So, why would you want to use this product on your home? Here are 4 reasons to build with Cera Façade.



A Zero-Maintenance Cladding

This cladding provides a zero-maintenance finish, which means once it’s installed it requires no painting, oiling or varnishing. Cera Façade is also a self-cleaning product. You might wonder how? The ceramic-coated finish provides a barrier to the product where any dirt or grim simply washes away with rain.

It also comes with a 30-year warranty which ensures that it won’t discolour or fade overtime, making it the perfect solution in coastal areas where harsh sunlight and salt water can negatively affect the end product.


A Fire-Rated Product

If your home is located in a bush fire prone area, your local council no doubt has regulations in place to ensure the building complies with BCA requirements. Bush fire zones are made up of a range of different Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL). It begins with BAL low and works up from BAL-12.5, BAL-29, BAL-40 up to BAL-FZ, which is the highest rating.

This means that products used in these areas must be non-combustible materials to ensure they meet BCA requirements. Cera Façade is a BAL-40 rated product, creating the ability for those in bush fire prone areas to have more choice when selecting cladding products. It also gives them piece of mind knowing they have installed a product that can withstand a BAL-40 bushfire prone area.


Fast and Easy to Install

The Cera Facade cladding system has been designed for quick and easy installation to timber stud framing. It is easy to cut on site with a fibre cement blade and it comes with all the necessary accessories and components. It is a simple clip in system that can be direct fixed to the studs when installing horizontally and battened out when installing vertically. This simple cladding system offers a finish that minimises trades on site, providing a cost-effective finish that will last a lifetime.


Versatile Style

The Cera Façade can create a façade that suits your homes design without the need to paint. It’s available in smooth finishes, rich textures and modern colours, giving you more choice when it comes to an individualised look. Its natural appeal is perfect to blend side by side with other materials to create a unique facade that will not fade and change over time.

“It’s available in smooth finishes, rich textures and modern colours.”

There are many cladding products on the market that can provide a stunning finish, however choosing the right product for the home is more than aesthetics. So, when you’re on the search for cladding for your home, ensure you consider the long-term benefits that products like Cera Façade offer.

If you are interested in Cera Façade Ceramic-Coated cladding, feel free to contact our friendly team at Bowens to view the product at our showroom today. To learn more about this innovative panel system, visit our website for our product information guide.

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