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Key Steps for Installation

The wedi Fundo Shower System is a 100% waterproof system that reduces your shower installation time by up to 50%. The reinforced cement resin surface offers a superior bond to virtually any tile, stone or tile adhesive, making it a straightforward, safe and quick installation process.

Before beginning this process, ensure that the subfloor and wall framing construction meets building code and is sufficiently load bearing, even and free of contaminants.

Builder Matt Menichelli from Elevate Building Group highlights the key steps of the installation process.



Set up a continuous 5mm bead of wedi 610 adhesive sealant along the channel in wedi Fundo’s drain flange receptor. Then drop the drain body firmly into the sealant. Turn the base upside down and apply the rubber and fibre gasket.


Trowel the tile adhesive to the subfloor and comb through with a 10x10mm notch trowel. To ensure a good bond of the wedi base to the subfloor, complete the same process on the wedi base.


Press the base firmly into the tile adhesive bed, ensuring that the installation is level and void free. Additionally, set up a continuous bead of 610 sealant along the pans channel on the outer perimeter.


Push the wedi board all the way into the channel of the shower base and apply its bead of sealant. Fasten the boards directly to the studs starting 300mm above the base.


Apply continuous 10mm beads of sealant between all connections of boards and install with tightly butted seams. Excess sealant must be spread flat with a putty knife.


wedi Niches are installed in a cut out in the wedi wall and attached with its flange right into the centre of 450mm studs. wedi 610 adhesive sealant is set along the connection of the wall to the niche.


Apply two fasteners each side of the niche to create a flush transition to the wall boards. Another 10mm bead of wedi 610 adhesive sealant is spread over fasteners and seams.


Cover all seams and fastener heads in the assembly area with 10mm bead of sealant and spread flat. The seams should be covered 25mm on either side. 


Note: This is not the full installation process, however, it outlines the key steps in providing a 100% waterproof shower system.

If you want to know more about wedi products, please contact Andrew Healey, our Innovation Specialist. 

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