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At Bowens we’re always on the look-out for new products that improve the way you do business.

Save Time & Money On Site

At Bowens, we’re constantly on the lookout for new products that improve the way you build. It’s not rocket science – it’s a combination of quality enhancements, value for money and increased productivity. Each quarter we proudly feature key suppliers and innovative products that are advancing the building and construction industry.

Our Innovation Centre – Hastings and Port Melbourne, Victoria

When it comes to new products on the market, we know you want tried and tested products with a no-fuss guarantee. That’s why we built the Hastings and Port Melbourne Innovation Centre. It’s a space where the Bowens community can test, learn and experience the latest industry products.

Whether you’re an apprentice who wants further training or an established builder eager to find a new product, step into the future with Bowens and book a training session at our Innovation Centre today. Contact our Product Innovation & Business Development Manager, Andrew Healey, at [email protected] and let’s rethink building together.

What’s New?


Bathroom renovations can be a challenge, especially if you’re working with tight timeframes and budgets. However, there are products in the market that can save you time and money on-site when it comes to shower systems. So, what product will help you achieve this balance? wedi®.

This 100% waterproof shower system offers you all the things you need to create the bathroom of your dreams in a few simple steps. Here are the key benefits of installing a wedi® shower system.

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All American Roofing

Choosing the right roof cover for your home not only adds to its street appeal, but it can also offer long-term protection from the elements. Regardless of the roof style, All American Roofing asphalt shingles will provide a sleek, slimline roof covering designed for Australian conditions.

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Durabar™ Glass Fibre Reinforcing Bars

What’s the ultimate replacement for conventional types of steel rebar? Durabar Reinforcing Bars.

Durabar Reinforcing Bars are made from composite materials that are lightweight, durable and sustainable. With a high bond and tensile strength, these reo bars are ideal for general concreting, driveways, paths and slabs.

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For the quickest and easiest sub-floor system you’ll ever build, there’s Spantec™. Suitable for a range of innovative solutions from custom designs to individual components, this structural system can dramatically reduce the number of piers required, meaning less concrete and faster sub-floor installation.

Its high load capacities and long spans make it perfect for custom builds, sloping sites, bushfire zones and flood zones.

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Dincel Structural Walling

Finding a worthy and trusted alternative to traditional blockwork or concrete formwork can be a challenge. Yet, Dincel have succeeded with their sophisticated structural walling system.

Designed for fast installation, this lightweight formwork system simply snaps into position allowing you to build a wide range of structural walling in a fraction of the time.

Better still, it is ideal for structures up to 40 storeys in height and can accommodate curved walls offering builders reduced waste, minimised delays and a reduction in onsite trades.

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For a high-performance wood-plastic composite, PermaTimber® ticks all the right boxes. Offering a low maintenance option with an authentic timber appearance, these pre-finished boards are UV stable, termite resistant and never need oiling, staining or painting.

They are made from 87% recycled materials and can be quickly installed either vertically or horizontally to suit any style.

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Offering long-term solutions, Masterwall lightweight insulation and coating systems have been carefully engineered to deliver a high-performance, weather­tight insulative barrier in a range of architectural finishes.

Their alternative cladding systems are Codemark certified, providing you with innovative cladding, render, texture, parapets and balustrades that withstand the harsh Australian climate.

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Cera Façade

The right cladding for your home is not always about first impressions, it often comes down to the performance of the product too. There is a wide range of innovative products that offer, not only an aesthetically pleasing façade but a multitude of time and cost-saving benefits. Cera Façade is one of those products. It is a cutting-edge, maintenance-free cladding finished with a ceramic-coating.

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  • Tenacious Tapes & Optiseal

    Providing durable and reliable tapes built for Australian conditions, market leaders Tenacious Tapes supply tape for every building and construction requirement. From superior weather resistance with strong adhesive designs to anti-slip tapes for industrial spaces and warehouses.

    Specifically designed for simplicity and effectiveness, these innovative tapes offer a range of products suitable for house wraps, joist protection, flooring, render, paint, thermal breaks and safety.

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  • Drizoro® Construction Products

    Drizoro® offer high-performance products suitable for the waterproofing and protection of concrete and masonry. You may wonder what’s new about that, right? Well, one of the many benefits of these products is that they can be applied to a wet surface, meaning fewer delays and a reduction in onsite costs.

    Drizoro® also provide waterproofing mortars for positive and negative hydrostatic pressure conditions, flexible and cement-based waterproofing and fast-setting hydraulic mortars for control of running water leaks.

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